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10 Benefits to Living in an Apartment You May Not Have Known

What comes to mind when you think of “Apartment Living”? Do you think of a cramped, small space? Do you think of being financially unstable and having to “settle”?

Well, I am here to say apartment living can be a saving grace financially and can bring upon many great benefits to you and your family's lives.

Still not buying it? Here are 10 reasons why living in an apartment is better than you think it is.

10 Reasons You'll Love Living in an Apartment

  1. The simple life

    simple apartment living

    The thought of making a large purchase such as a house can be daunting and overwhelming.

    Many factors go into purchasing a home – finding the perfect layout & neighborhood, down payments, and closing costs all can make the rain clouds appear and the home buying experience can turn into a quick storm.

    Apartment living is simple. You rent at your pace – month to month or sign a lease for a year. YOU control your timeframe, your financials, and your living experience.


  2. Community is the best policy

    apartment community event

    Apartment living brings many different amenities to fit all kinds of lifestyles. Community is one of the strongest and most genuine amenities available to you!

    Not only will you meet your neighbors and form connections with those in your building and community, but there are also so many great ways to get involved.

    Often, apartment communities will offer resident events, parties, BBQs, and events for kids!

    These are great ways to get more acclimated into your new home and to meet people in your community.

    Community events may even give you the opportunity to speak to that noisy neighbor about the volume of their tv at night. 


  3. Convenience, at your service

    apartments with nice landscaping

    Who really enjoys maintaining landscaping, snow blowing, and raking leaves? Let us be honest, not everyone is the perfect Mr./Mrs. Fix IT.

    When you live in an apartment community, you will get the pleasure of sitting back, relaxing, and letting your maintenance team do all the “dirty” work for you!

    You will save yourself some leg work and you can focus on entertaining in your home and you will save yourself some much-needed zzz’s in the morning instead of shoveling snow.


  4. The best spaces come in all different sizes

    different apartment floor plans

    Apartments come in all shapes and sizes, but they are all relatively much smaller space than a free-standing home.

    A smaller space makes for less surface area to clean, therefore less time to worry about when you are going to make time to clean.

    Smaller spaces make for a cozy vibe and a more welcoming space to entertain your friends and family.


  5. Financial Freedom

    financial freedom living in an apartment

    Apartments make it easy to not feel trapped, or how some may say “house poor”.

    Most apartment communities offer many different lease options so you can feel comfortable in creating a living experience that fits your timeframe and your needs.

    Communities can offer 3, 6, or 12-month leases and some may even provide a month-to-month as-needed lease.

    Having financial freedom is one of the many perks of living in an apartment.

    You will feel the freedom of not weighing down your wallet and know that you can potentially leave your home whenever the time is right to move onto the next chapter.


  6. Safety, first

    secure apartments

    Security is at an all-time high in today’s world and it is one of the most important selling points to prospective residents when looking for their new home. Most communities come fully equipped with a full-on security system.

    Cameras are stationed in parking lots, building lobbies, and in their facilities such as the gym.

    When gyms are open 24/7 you will have the peace of mind of automatically locked doors and security cameras for those late nights or early morning workouts.


  7. Save, Save, Save

    saving money at an apartment

    The cost of living, let alone running a household, is expensive. Bills, utilities, and fixing all of life’s “happenings” make for quite a hefty bill and a huge chunk out of your wallet.

    Apartment living will give you the peace of mind to help you save your money and “stash your cash” for a rainy day or will allow you to purchase that larger home in the future.

    When things break in your home, you are responsible for contacting a mechanic to get it fixed.

    Whereas in an apartment, the on-site maintenance team is dispatched to fix any/all apartment concerns.


  8. Clubhouses, gyms, and pools – oh my!

    apartment amenities

    Amenities are one of the main selling points when researching your next apartment community.

    A lot of communities come with a list of wonderful things to enjoy. Take a dip in the pool, shed that extra weight in the gym, or throw your next party in the event space.

    You will not have to look very far from your own backyard for easy and convenient entertainment.

    Some apartments even offer smart home technology, to help make living arrangements easier. 


  9. Try it, before you buy it

    living in an apartment

    Living in an apartment community is kind of like test driving a car before you go all-in on that big purchase.

    When purchasing a home, you are locked in, and it is yours for…well, forever. Choosing to live in an apartment allows you to free your mind of that daunting “F” word and lets you choose your timeframe and what works best for you.

    If you find out you do not love the community you live in, after your lease is up, you are free to move on to the next!


  10. Downsize your life.


    An apartment can be a rather small space – especially if you are in larger cities like New York and Los Angeles.

    Some spaces are no bigger than 500 – 800 square feet. This means living a little more sustainably and minimal. Moving to a smaller space?

    This is the perfect time to purge your belongings and keep only what is important and needed.

    You will love your new cozy home as well as feel much lighter with downsizing.


Based on certain circumstances, we understand that apartment living may not be for everyone. For us, living in an apartment has many more benefits than people may realize and we want to make sure we provide the best information. 

For more information on apartment living, you can check out our other blog posts!

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