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Small Space Storage – Tips, Tricks, and More!

What is one of the first questions you ask yourself when touring an apartment? What is the storage like? Where can I store my extra belongings? Is there enough space for all of my things? We get it, we feel that way too! Living in an apartment doesn't always have to mean you have to live in clutter or feel cramped. No matter the size of your home, we are sure to have a trick of the trade for you when it comes to storage and organization.

1. First things First: Whether you are reading this blog prior to moving in, or you may have just recently moved in, we would recommend taking inventory of all of your items and belongings. What can you donate and throw away, and what would you like to keep? This beginning practice of taking inventory of your items and your home is beneficial so you are working with the minimum about of items to store and organize. Plus, donating items such as clothes, old toys your kids no longer play with, and books you have read a million times, will be beneficial to someone else, and it will make you feel good by giving back.

2. Get organized: As you begin to start the process of decluttering; totes, plastic bins, and a black sharpie will be your new best friend. Labeling items and storing them away in clear bins so you know exactly what is in them is our recommendation for easy spotting. Pick up large totes or tubs for larger items such as coats, old toys, and books you want to store away but don't want to get rid of completely.

a display of peanuts on a shelf in a store

3. Condense and shrink: Do you remember when the vacuum seal bags were a hit? Well, they still are! If you are very limited in space, try grabbing a few vacuum seal bags and using the attachment to suck out all of the air. This will make your large items shrink to half their size (in the bag) and make for a more portable and easy way to store them. These vacuum-sealed bags can be easily stored underneath the bed, in a hall closet, or even in places you wouldnt think of like under your couch. You can also use items such as collapsible hangers for more room in your closet.

4. Store it but make it cute: There are so many ways to roll storage into your everyday home decor! Storing items do not have to be in your average grey or white totes, they can be up-to-date and trending! Here are a few items we recommend: Baskets: Who doesn't love a good basket? Wicker baskets can be used for your throw blankets, kids toys, extra throw pillows, and more. Long rectangle cloth bins are great for bathroom storage, kids art, and craft supplies, and depending on the size, can be placed on your nightstand to hold all of your nightly needs (Chapstick, lotion, a good book, a water cup). -Shelving: Whether it is books, kitchen storage, or bedroom storage a great shelf of any size will do the trick. You can utilize this shelf for its intended use of storage, but you can also use it to set any decor pieces on it as you wish. This makes for a dual-functioning shelf, and the decor will easily hide what you are trying to store.

5. Off the floor: One trick in making your space feel bigger is getting things off the floor. Having more of your floors open and easier to navigate will make your space seem airy, and less crowded and closed in by all of your stuff. Over-the-door shoe racks, floating shelves for books, and a few extra side tables are all good for that less crowded feeling.

6. Benches, seats, and chairs oh my: We cannot recommend these pieces of furniture enough as storage. Benches are not only attractive but great for storing shoes, and baskets for additional toys, and you can still dress up the space with a few pillows and a cute piece of art or hooks for your keys and other items. Seats like ottomans that have removal tops also make great storage for your living rooms, playrooms, or your bedrooms! Accent chairs are not only trendy, but you can store items underneath them or behind them.

a white chair with a pair of shoes on it

7. Kitchen storage: Do you need extra storage and or prep space in your kitchen? We recommend purchasing for the kitchen or making a butchers island/table. This can be made from a cart-style base and added to a butchers block countertop. This can also be a space where friends gather, and where small meals are shared. Underneath your butchers block, you can store dishes, bowls, and other kitchen utensils. If you arent feeling crafty you can buy one on Amazon or just about any other home goods store that is on the internet. Are you lacking a large pantry or shelves for extra storage? Place your smaller items out on the countertops on a stand or decorative shelf. Spinning cake stands are a great and stylish way to showcase and store your spices and other items you may not have room for elsewhere. Do you have large a Dutch Oven or a crock pot you don't have room for anywhere else. Store your prettiest of pots and pans on the stovetop and countertop. They duel as cookware and statement pieces!

8. Hang it up: Decorative hooks are not only inexpensive, but they can also be fairly cute too! Place hooks around your apartment to hold items such as jackets, purses, keys, belts, cleaning tools, and much more. These hooks can be placed in numerous places in your home and can help you keep track of your smaller items such as your keys.

9. Be specific: It may sound silly but small habits along the way can make for an easier time storing items in your home. Condense your clothing in your drawers by folding specific ways to tighten your t-shirts and your sweatshirts so they are not so bulky in your drawers. If you have extra space in your closet, we suggest moving your bulky sweaters and sweatshirts to the tops of the shelves in your closet. This will free up space on your hangers and in your drawers.

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10. Be mindful of your shopping: In the end, clutter and junk come from all of the items that you cultivate over time. When you are out and about or online shopping, think twice whether you really need that clothing item, that toy for your kiddo, or even that toy for yourself. The more minimal you can live your life in your habits, the more minimal your home will look and feel.