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Small Space Storage – Tips, Tricks, and More!

What is one of the first questions you ask yourself when touring an apartment? What is the storage like? Where can I store my extra belongings? Is there enough space for all of my things? We get it, we feel that way too! Living in an apartment doesn't always have to mean you have to live in clutter or feel cramped. No matter the size of your home, we are sure to have a trick of the trade for you when it comes to storage and organization.[Read More]
March 3, 2023 | Forest Pointe Team | Apartment Living

12 Apartment Kitchen Essentials

When you think of your kitchen, are you excited or overwhelmed? Most say the kitchen in your home is the most important room in the entire house. It is used for yes, the obvious of cooking meals, but it is also used for entertaining, gathering good friends and family, and making memories around delicious food. Even in a smaller space, you can still make the most of your kitchen by having on hand these essential kitchen tools as well as some extra organization tools to make the most of your storage. Let's dive in! [Read More]
March 3, 2023 | Forest Pointe Team | Apartment Living


guests clinking glasses togetherEntertaining Guests In A Small Space: 11 Tips

Tis the season for holiday entertaining! One of our favorite ways to celebrate the holidays is by gathering with loved ones friends, and family. Being around people that make you feel loved and celebrated daily is a perfect way to ring in the holidays and the beginning of a new year! How do you fit all of those loved ones in one space? Smaller spaces make for more cozy and intimate settings...[Read More]
December 22, 2021 | Forest Pointe | Apartment Tips


snowy window in the winter10 Winter Tips For Apartment Renters

While we try to, we cannot avoid it, it is here. The cold. While it is something that happens every year, you may be thinking, is there anything you have to do while living in an apartment? While some tasks fall on the shoulders of your landlord or property manager, there are certain steps you can take as a renter to ensure you...[Read More]
December 29, 2021 | Forent Pointe | Apartment Tips


warm cozy blankets10 Easy Ways To Save Money on Your Heating Bill

It is that time of year where the chill of the air nips at our toes and our noses. The season of Im freezing comes out of our mouths a little more than wed like, and we cant drink enough coffee and hot tea to get warm. [Read More]
November 30, 2021 | Apartment Tips | Forest Pointe


messy table10 Ways To Help You Deal With Messy Roommates

Whether you are going to be living with a friend, significant other, going in blind, etc you are bound to live with someone who is different than you. In many ways. One of those ways is something I think a lot of us dread: cleanliness. [Read More]

November 17, 2021 | Forest Pointe Apartments | Apartment Tips



20 tips to eat cheap and save money

20 Easy and Cheap Ways To Eat on a Budget

Not everyone who chooses to live in an Apartment Community is on a budget, but lets face it, almost all of us are. No matter where or how you choose to live, budgets help us stay on track with our spending and in our lifestyles. [Read More]
October 27, 2021 | Forest Pointe Apartments | Cooking Tips





vacation prepping tips

12 Tips to Help You Prepare Your Home For Your Next Vacation

Vacation time is here! You finally have a break from work, school, your kids, or just life in general! Going on a vacation is exciting but can be stressful. The preparation, finding a sitter or relative to leave the kids with, finding a pet sitter, and dont even get us started on the packing. [Read More]
October 25, 2021 | Forest Pointe Apartments | Apartment Tips


vacation prepping tips

10 Tips on How to Meet Your Neighbors

Whether youre just settling in, or youve been a resident at your current home for years, it is time to build community and meet your neighbors! There are so many wonderful benefits to not only knowing who lives next to you (or above you or below you) but more importantly, having a relationship with them! [Read More]
September 16, 2021 | Forest Pointe Apartments | Moving Tips




making friends in a new city13 Tips To Help You Make Friends in a New City

Congratulations! You have moved into your new home and with that, maybe a new city! There is so much a new place and location can bring. Finding new friends, new and delicious places to eat and drink, picking up a new hobby, and so much more. [Read More]
August 19, 2021 | Forest Point Apartments | Moving Tips



Apartment furnishing tipsDecorating and Furnishing Your Apartment For Cheap

Whether you are moving into your new home any day now or are looking to revamp and re-do your current home, decorating and furnishing can be daunting! It can also be expensive. [Read More]
August 3rd, 2021 | Forest Pointe Apartments | Apartment Tips



noisy neighbors10 Ways To Block Out Noisy Neighbors

We all have those neighbors who think they are the only ones in the entire Apartment building. There is nothing more annoying than noisy neighbors, sleepless, nights, and feeling like an elephant might come through your ceiling or walls. But how can you block noise from noisy neighbors to ensure a comfortable living experience? [Read More]
May 19, 2021 | Apartment Living



cluttered apartmentHow to Start Decluttering Your Apartment

Spring is here and it is time to declutter your home, open those windows for some fresh air, and let us smell all the goodness that a new season and clutter-free home can bring! Look no further than these 10 tasks, ways, and steps to declutter your home. [Read More]
April 28, 2021 | Apartment Living




hanging lights in apartmentHow to Light a Room with No Overhead Lighting

Nothing makes or breaks a room quite like lighting. It affects your mood, can improve the ambiance, and help define spaces like a bedroom or living room. Check out our tips below to not only add more light to your space but do it cost-effectively! [Read More]
Feb 17, 2021 | Forest Pointe Team | Apartment Living