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It is that time of year when the chill of the air nips at our toes and our noses. The season of Im freezing comes out of our mouths a little more than wed like, and we cant drink enough coffee and hot tea to get warm. We all want to be warm and comfortable without breaking our electric bill, but how do we go about doing that? If you are looking for ways how to heat your apartment and save money on your heating bill, follow along for some tips and tricks!


10 Cost-Efficient Ways to Heat Your Apartment

Trap the heat and get better sleep

We have three words for you;  Black Out Curtains. These curtains are made of thicker material and are usually a dark shade of black or blue. Hang these babies up in your room or living room and not only will you stay warmer by blocking some of the drafts in your windows, but you will also be blocking out all light so you will hopefully sleep better too!

Control your drafts

A draft is where cold and moisture combine and create a small gust of air current that moves upwards and downwards. When it gets caught in our windows, this can create a rather cold and wet-like barrier that we can physically feel from inside our homes. We can not always stop this from happening, but we can slow it down. Place draft stoppers on sills and consider applying a window film kit to trap the heat and keep out the cold. Window film kits especially work well with older windows where seals are worn down or broken. *Always remember to contact your management team, before adding or applying anything new to your apartment windows or walls.

What Causes Drafty Windows

  • Window Seal Issues - When the seal in a double or triple-pane window no longer seals properly, the gas that is held between the panels will escape and cause a draft to escape into your apartment. Window seals can break for a number of reasons like normal weathering and wear, poor installation, extreme weather and temperatures, and more. 
  • Improper Installation - Window installation takes a professional to do the job correctly, or else you will have improper fitting windows that will cause drafts.
  • Old Wear and Tear - In some cases, windows that are aged will be more likely to cause drafts. Its also likely that older windows were not made to be energy efficient, so as they get older and more worn, it can cause a stark rise in your heating bill.
a window with a view of a tree

Make Dinner

Seriously, turn on your oven. We all know how much of a pain turning the oven on can be when it is 90 degrees outside in August but have you noticed when it is on in the colder months, it feels so warm and cozy? Even better, we recommend baking something like apple pie or cinnamon cranberry bread; you will heat the house and make your house smell heavenly! A win, win for everyone.

Sunshine is your friend

Not only will your serotonin levels be boosted by the rays of sunshine coming in, but your house will also feel the warmth. Catch a sunny day this winter (it can be rare) and open up those curtains! Let the sun heat your home naturally. You can also strategically move your mirrors around to catch more rays and therefore produce more heat! Dont be surprised if you are not the only one enjoying these rays we will promise you your furry friends will be sunbathing every chance they can get this winter! The apartments here at Forest Pointe all feature a patio or balcony, which will allow you to have ample amounts of natural sunlight and keep things warmer.

Make your home warm and cozy

You know the saying: My home feels so warm and cozy. It is the truth, when you go the extra mile to make your home feel that way, you may actually not feel so cold. For days when the weather is a little bit nippy out, wrapping yourself in a warm, cozy blanket is the easiest way to warm up and the cheapest way to stay warm during the colder months. We suggest lots of throw pillows, blankets, and a comfy couch or chair to curl up in. Light some candles or turn on your essential oil diffuser for an added touch of feel good. Music may lighten and warm up the mood in your home as well as a good pair of slippers or socks to top it all off!
cozy warm blankets and bed

Put on more clothes

We dont know about all of you but when we were growing up, the heat did not get turned on until it waslike really cold. We heard over and over again put more clothes on! So that is what we did. Layers are the name of your game! Long underwear or leggings under sweatpants is key. Finish off with long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, big wool socks, slippers, and a hat to top it all off and to trap the heat! You may waddle a little, but we assure you, you will be warm and save a little on your electric bill as well! Turning off the heat at night to save money? Be sure you have some extra blankets, and flannel sheets to keep the warmth in! Youll be as snug as a bug in a rug in no time. Wearing more layers in the winter is the quickest and cheapest way to save money on your heating bill this year!

Invest in a humidifier

We are not saying this is the cheapest idea, but it definitely works. Humidifiers are an investment if you are looking for one that is of quality and that will last you, but boy are they worth it. A humidifier sends warm moisture into the air and while it ultimately helps purify your air, it can also add a touch of heat. We recommend using this method before cranking up your heat and therefore cranking up your heat bills. If you do not want to invest in a humidifier make your own! Turn on the shower on full blast and to the hottest setting. Shut the door or curtain but leave the bathroom door open. Allow the steam and the warmth to creep into the hallway and into your living spaces! Be careful as extra moisture may occur using this method but if you are looking for quick relief, this could be your ticket!

Add more heat, not more money

How might you ask? Personal space heaters! These friendly little heat systems are small, portable, and easy to use. You can plug them in and use them in any room of the house. Whether you are trying to save money, or just do not want to spend it, turn off the heat (not recommended) and use this little guy and bring it from room to room! If you do turn off your heat entirely this may cause freezing pipes, burst pipes, and flooding, *Always advise your management team before turning off your heat altogether!

Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate oh my!

Warm-up fast by warming your insides! Whether you are partial to a hot coffee, a hot tea, or a cup of delicious hot chocolate, any of these drinks are to be sure to bring instant warmth and relief and if you have the means to make these at home, the cost is relatively low! You can also use this as an excuse to invite friends over for a holiday movie day, with a hot chocolate/coffee/tea bar! Your heat bill will appreciate you, and so will your company.
a person holding a cup of coffee with whipped cream

Roll out the carpet

Wood or tile floors? Lets keep your tootsies as warm as possible this winter! Throwdown some rugs. This will add a layer between you and the cold floor. Rugs are not only for hard floors, if you have thin carpet in your apartment, adding rugs will add extra plushness and comfort along with extra heat. Do you have a decorative eye? You will be able to add in your touch of flair and fashion as well!

Does Turning Down the Heat at Night Save Money?

Turning down your heat at night is one way to save money on your heating bills this season, as long as you only turn it down and not off. If you turn your heat off completely, depending on the temperatures outside can increase the likelihood of your pipes freezing or worse - bursting. This tactic may end up costing you more money on expensive repair bills. You might be thinking "Can my pipes freeze if I live in an apartment?" and the short answer is yes! This can happen due to a combination of three factors: a rapid drop in outside temperatures, poor installation, and cold air in an apartment. Take preventative steps this winter to avoid frozen pipes and save money by turning your heat down at night. This way it saves your wallet in more ways than one!

We hope these tips and tricks help you feel more comfortable controlling your heat and your heat bill this winter. We know it can be intimidating and if you are paying your bills for the first time, it can be even scarier and or confusing. These little and simple tips of the trade will hopefully ease your mind, and your wallet! Above all enjoy the winter season and stay warm! Check out our other tips to optimize your apartment living and take comfort to the next level.