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cluttered apartmentHow to Start Decluttering Your Apartment

Spring is here and it is time to declutter your home, open those windows for some fresh air, and let us smell all the goodness that a new season and clutter free home can bring! Look no further than these 10 tasks, ways, and steps to declutter your home. [Read More]
April 28, 2021 | Apartment Living


benefits to living in an apartment10 Benefits to Living in an Apartment

What comes to mind when you think of apartment living? Do you think of a cramped, small space? Do you think of being financially unstable and having to settle? Here are 10 reasons why living in an apartment is better than you think it is …[Read More]

March 8, 2021 | Forest Pointe Team | Apartment Questions


hanging lights in apartmentHow to Light a Room with No Overhead Lighting

Nothing makes or breaks a room quite like lighting. It affects your mood, can improve the ambiance, and help define spaces like a bedroom or living room. Check out our tips below to not only add more light to your space but do it cost-effectively! [Read More]
Feb 17, 2021 | Forest Pointe Team | Apartment Living