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How to Start Decluttering Your Apartment

I will start tomorrowLet me finish this last thing, and I will get startedIf I stare at my junk long enough, maybe it will disappear itself?

These are all thoughts I am sure we have all had from time to time. Spring is here, and it is time to declutter your home, open those windows for some fresh air, and let us smell all the goodness that a new season and clutter-free home can bring!

Yet, how do we start? How do we begin? They say starting is half the battle, and they are right. How do we motivate ourselves in a daunting task? What are the first steps to decluttering our homes and in life? What are some different tasks you can do to make your living a little simpler and your home a little cleaner? Look no further than these 10 tasks, ways, and steps to declutter your home.


1. Just do it

messy room

Stop procrastinating. I see you over there sitting on the couch bargaining with yourself. I will begin tomorrow is probably one of the most chosen phrases for so much in life. Get the motivation to begin. Dig deep from within and see the benefits of decluttering and starting a project that will only help you in the long run.


2. Make a list and write it down

If you see it, you will most likely remember it, as well as do it. Write down the areas of your home you want to see clean. Making lists is just one of many ways to keep organized and to not forget what your task is at hand. Prioritize your list from most important to least; that way if you do not get to the last few items on your list, you won't feel as much guilt.


3. Stay put

Do you have multiple rooms in your home that need cleaning and decluttering? Start in one room and stay there until you are finished. Going from room to room and all over the house will leave you feeling unorganized and even more overwhelmed than where you started. Staying in one room will also ensure your attention span and attention to detail. Your decluttering will be more efficient and concise.


4. Donate to your community and your closet will thank you

donating clothes

If you are decluttering and organizing your closet, what better way than to give back as well as to feel less stressed about what to wear. Start piles on the floor or on your bed for what you want to  Keep, Toss, and Donate. While cleaning and organizing, throw your clothing into those three piles. Your closet will be condensed and much more manageable, and someone will be happy to have the clothes that you no longer wish to have.


5. Dust bunnies do not just live under the bed

We were always told that dust bunnies live under our beds, but do you know they also live everywhere else? On windowsills, furniture, and your coffee tables. While you are focusing on decluttering, keep dusting solution and a rag with you to go the extra mile.

If you do not have Pledge or another dusting solution, a wet rag will work just fine to wipe down those surfaces and kill off our bunny friends. Happier surfaces mean a happier you, and your allergies and sinuses will also thank you.


6. Everything has a home

shoes organizer

Clutter often occurs when items do not have a rightful place. Whether it be your clothing, hair accessories, or loose change, find a home that is appropriate so nothing will have a chance to be sitting out.

Consider a bench by your back door for your shoes or invest in the cloth bins to put in your closet with all your shoes in them. Hair accessories can be simply put in containers or Tupperware and stored in your bathroom drawers or shelves. An easy way to identify what is what as well as to have it out of the way.


7. Make it a habit before it becomes an issue

Decluttering can be daunting, and we find ourselves doing it probably once every few months. There will always be tidying needed for our homes, but why not take some steps to eliminate a lot of the bulk every few months?

For instance, keep a laundry basket in your bathroom if there is room. Toss your clothes into the hamper every time you shower or change instead of throwing them on the floor. Keep containers out for hair accessories so they are organized, and have mini baskets for lost socks above your washer and dryer for safekeeping until they are matched.


8. Wait, your cords are showing


Organize and declutter your loose and extra cords with zip ties or even twist ties. Having your TV or electrical cords all in one place will make things easier to find, alleviate the thought of them getting completely tangled, and help make your home look tidy and clean.


9. Fridges are for food, not clutter

refrigerator clutter

We all know that our fridges can be the first thing to be cluttered and messy, and we are not talking about the mess inside your fridge. Nope, we are talking about the outside. Of course, we want to showcase our young Picassos and every coupon we have, but the clutter can be outrageous and often overwhelming to even look at.

Declutter your fridge by choosing only a few pieces of art or papers to showcase every month. Then, with a new month, switch out those papers and artwork and remember to file them accordingly so they do not get lost or misplaced.


10. Living room

Show your living room some love by keeping it clutter-free. Aside from entertaining in the kitchen, the most used room in a home is probably the living room/family room. Stack books and magazines on the coffee table and only keep the ones you really enjoy.

Consolidate items such as toys, games, or blankets that stay in the living room into bins or baskets, keep them fashionable so they look appealing, as help with decluttering. If you want more tips about organizing your particular floor plan, you can talk to our office staff!

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